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Keep Calm and Beat Michigan

Here is the story about how Keep Calm and Carry On began. However, when the Ohio State Buckeyes started loosing games, my friend suggested I take this popular slogan and make a t-shirt for the Ohio State Michigan game. However, we still lost the game, I still think this will be a classic shirt for any buckeye fan. You can get it here at the thefineprint.


Coors Light Mini Keg Lamp

When I was back in college and even know, I would always give myself some sort of tinkering project. Back in 2004 I attempted to take this Coors Light Mini Keg and turn it into a lamp. It wasn’t too hard but had to drill some holes in the spout for the power cord to go through and then modified to the top, which was the vent/pump to hold the light bulb. I wish I had pictures of what I did to modify exactly. The picture above is the result and you can purchase it from Etsy. In my next blog post I will describe and show how I took a Jack Daniels Single Barrel bottle and turned that into a lamp as well. Let me know what you think.

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How to Root a Sprint EVO 4G using the unrEVOked tool

I purchased a Wifi only tablet the other day, I chose not to purchase one with a data package because: A) I didn’t want to spend the money and B) my EVO is powerful enough to provide internet to the tablet. In order to turn my EVO into a Wifi hotspot without paying the extra $30, I needed to root my phone. After searching around the unrEVOked tool is the best option for the HTC EVO also for other HTC phones. Here are things you will need.

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux machine
  • unrEVOked tool: Once you get the site, pick the HTC EVO. Then you want to make sure you pick the “unrevoked3″ tool and not the “unrevoked forever”. Then pick the operating system you are running.
  • HBOOT Drivers:

Step 1: Follow the HBOOT driver install.
Step 2: Turn the phone off again. I wasn’t exactly sure so I just removed the battery to be sure, then turn the phone back on.
Step 3: Make sure HTC Sync isn’t installed on your machine.
Step 4: Turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings > Applications > Development and check the USB Debugging box.
Step 5: Start up the unrEVOked tool and plug in your phone.
Step 6: Just let unrEVOked tool do everything and make sure you wait till it says “Done”. Your phone will go through a couple restarts.
Boom! You know have a rooted EVO. In case you were wondering I use Android Wifi Tether in order to turn my phone into a hotspot. This works as of 4/7/2011, let some comments.

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How to fix a Sprint HTC Evo 4G Kickstand

I purchased an HTC Evo 4G the day that Sprint released it. I have been super pleased with the device other than the battery life. I tend to be a fidgety person and I flip the kickstand back and forth and back and forth. Not to long ago the springs gave out so the kickstand won’t stay down, its like my phone has a constant boner! So I searched online and I found this amazing site with a wonderful write up on how to fix the EVO kickstand at iFixit . Once I saw how easy it was to replace I went to eBay to find replacement parts. I ended up finding a full back housing with kickstand included for $10 shipped. The overall process took me about 10 minutes. Take a look at that website and good luck!

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Hi It’s Vince…Shamwow Guy is Getting Sued

Vince Shlomi is back in the news. This time not for getting in a fight with a prostitute, but getting sued by his former assistant. Ohio native 23 year old Jennifer Kosinski is suing her former boss for unpaid wages and being an all around creep. She alleges Vince offered her $20,000 and a paid one month vacation for her parents to travel the world in exchange for her eggs and pay her to sleep in his bed with him.

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When Plastic Surgery Strikes Back – Woman Unable to Blink

Marilyn Leisz of New Jersey is no longer able to blink after a botched plastic surgery. I’m thinking she may have pushed her luck by having three different eye surgeries. Her original surgery was to correct ptosis, also called “drooping eyelid.” It is caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids. The Second was for cosmetic reasons. Her second surgery left her with little bumps on her eye lid, so she went back for a third. Dr. Paul Parker performed a blepharoplasty which is suppose to give a rejuvenated appearance and look more alert.
She has won her suit against him and was awarded $150,000. “I’m not happy with the decision.” ‘They didn’t take into consideration what I go through every day. I expected around $500,000.” I probably wouldn’t be happy with that award either, but I guess you have to take some responsibility for having elective surgery.
Dr. Parker responded, “As a board certified plastic surgeon, over the past 25 years I have performed more than 10,000 surgical procedures. Our practice is centered on compassion, attention-to-detail and superior patient care. “We have thousands of happy patients who voice their satisfaction through the personal letters they send us and countless, unprompted positive reviews and testimonials they post online.” In a way he can say his surgery was performed correct because he was successful in making her more alert.


Projectile Vomiting Choir Kid

There’s nothing much worse than feeling the urge to vomit in public. When your not the one puking there’s usually not much funnier. That is unless your being puked upon. This kid throws up during the middle of a choir concert like its no big deal, cross armed and all. Unfortunately it happens to land on the back of a fellow choir mate. Way to be little man!