Practical Jokes

Five simple ways to play practical jokes to annoy your co-workers.


Well there are five simple ways that I have been playing practical jokes on co-workers around the office. I’m a pretty lively guy and in my office there are not that many exciting individuals. In order to combat this, I’m always playing jokes on individuals just to provide excitement throughout the day. I’m going to explain these jokes which range from simple, technical and all the way up to ARE YOU SERIOUS.

Joke 1: Mess with their seat adjustments. In my office we have 3 standard types of desk chairs which they range in adjustablility. The first type of desk chair is mostly for conference room tables. The other two types are for the desk cubes which are standard and the supreme for the individuals that complain about their ergonomic workspace. The Conference room chairs only have height adjustments, so don’t waste your time on that. The standard cube chair only has height adjustment and back angle adjustment, so I probably wouldn’t mess with it unless you really wanted to get that individual. The only chair that makes sense to use is the supreme chair. So for this particular individual at my office that has this chair, I was adjusting his chair every evening after he left. So I would lower his chair, change the back angle adjustment, slant the chair forward and slide the seat forward. This provided some good  laughs for a couple of days, but I decided to ease back on that individual, didn’t want to pick on him too much.

Joke 2: Put stuff on their cubicle walls. This same particular individual had a huge cup of push pins sitting at his desk. Once again, he left work and I was one of the only ones around the office so I decided to take every single push pin and stick it in his wall. This took about 10 minutes to push every single one into the wall. This created a nice colorful decoration on his cube wall. If I really planned this out I would have taken some yarn and wrapped it around every single push pin and that REALLY would have created a colorful decoration. Other tips that could be used is to make gag awards and certificates. Such as give an award that says “This is presented to employee_name for their unyielding effort to finish the workday by 3:30pm”. Try to make the award look official as possible as that adds to the humor of the joke.

Joke 3: Mess with their computer (Simple). In this day and age, most everything is done via the computer in the office. Because of that there are a lot of peripherals and layouts that people have setup at their desk. So this provides a lot of opportunity to mess with people. Messing with their keyboard and mice can be the easiest thing to do. First off you can go to the back of the computer and unplug the keyboard or mouse, try to only do one so the victim thinks there is an actual problem with the device. If they are using a wireless keyboard and mouse, take the batteries out of one of them so they are not working. Another simple thing to do is rotate their screen. This trick requires them to leave their desk and leave the computer unlocked (also, graphics card has to support this ability). Simply go to display settings in the control panel and find the properties for the graphics card and hopefully there is the setting to adjust the rotation of the screen. Once that is found hit apply and leave the computer, then watch the victim come back to their desk and try to use their computer with the screen rotated 90degrees.

Joke 4: Mess with their computer (Advanced).  Add yourself as administrator on their computer. This joke is a little bit riskier and advanced. Also, check with your companies security policy as this might be a violation, SO DON’T BLAME ME IF YOU GET FIRED. So this joke also requires for the victim to leave their computer unlocked.  Essentially just go to the control panel, then click on User Accounts, then depending on the XP or Vista and whether you are on a domain or not, create a new administrator account or add your domain user account as asministrator on that box. Then hit ok. Then MAKE SURE you get their computer name. Then you can go back to your computer and in windows explorer type in \\computername\c$ this will provide full access to their C:\. Also you can remote log into their machine via the Remote Desktop Connection found in the Start-> programs -> accessories. Another fun thing you can do is remotely shutdown their machine, open up a command window and type in “shutdown /s /m \\computername” or read up on the shutdown command as you can restart their machine instead.

Joke 5: Make them eat something awful. This is another risky joke that I would be careful about doing in the office as this could get you in trouble. So I was told of this one story where a co worker bought some yogurt drops that were made for hamsters. He then proceded to place these out on a tray in the office in order to have co workers eat some tasty hamster food. I have not done this to anyone but I would not do this to the whole office I would do this to a particular individual. Also, something that is a little less mean, is to put hotsauce in their sandwhich if they keep it in the company fridge.

These are 5 great ways to mess with someone at work. These are definately not everything you can do to someone, but I have experienced all of these but one in person. Please leave some comments if you have some other ways of messing with people at work.


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