USPS: Arrival at Unit = package should be at my front door right! …… wrong!


Well I got a little crazy the other day and decided to buy a brand new HD-DVD drive for my Xbox 360 (I will discuss why I purchased in another entry). Of course I have been looking at USPS tracking number every morning and every night to find out where the drive is.  I find out the package only started out 180 miles from my house and USPS was electronically notifified on Feb 28th a Saturday. Then It was updated and said that it was processed March 1st 180 miles away so I figured that with the jump start on Sunday that i would arrive at my place on tuesday. I come home to my surprise to find nothing. So today wednesday, I have been watching the tracking site like a hawk and it was updated at 7:35am and said ….. Arrival at Unit!!!! I thought to myself, I’m going home for lunch to open the package. I thought that it was weird that it said arrival at unit at 7:35am when I didn’t leave my house till 8am and didn’t see it. I then decided to search the internet to figure out what “Arrival at Unit” means. I was sad to find out that “Arrival at Unit” means that it arrived at your local post office and not delivered. I am now adding my own blog rant on this bad status name. They should change it to Arrival at local facility or something that is not as ambiguous as Unit. AAHHHH FRUSTRATING. Let me know what you guys think.

Check out my following article about proper etiquette when waiting for packages.


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