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When Plastic Surgery Strikes Back – Woman Unable to Blink

Marilyn Leisz of New Jersey is no longer able to blink after a botched plastic surgery. I’m thinking she may have pushed her luck by having three different eye surgeries. Her original surgery was to correct ptosis, also called “drooping eyelid.” It is caused by weakness of the muscle responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves that control those muscles, or looseness of the skin of the upper eyelids. The Second was for cosmetic reasons. Her second surgery left her with little bumps on her eye lid, so she went back for a third. Dr. Paul Parker performed a blepharoplasty which is suppose to give a rejuvenated appearance and look more alert.
She has won her suit against him and was awarded $150,000. “I’m not happy with the decision.” ‘They didn’t take into consideration what I go through every day. I expected around $500,000.” I probably wouldn’t be happy with that award either, but I guess you have to take some responsibility for having elective surgery.
Dr. Parker responded, “As a board certified plastic surgeon, over the past 25 years I have performed more than 10,000 surgical procedures. Our practice is centered on compassion, attention-to-detail and superior patient care. “We have thousands of happy patients who voice their satisfaction through the personal letters they send us and countless, unprompted positive reviews and testimonials they post online.” In a way he can say his surgery was performed correct because he was successful in making her more alert.

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