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How to Root a Sprint EVO 4G using the unrEVOked tool

I purchased a Wifi only tablet the other day, I chose not to purchase one with a data package because: A) I didn’t want to spend the money and B) my EVO is powerful enough to provide internet to the tablet. In order to turn my EVO into a Wifi hotspot without paying the extra $30, I needed to root my phone. After searching around the unrEVOked tool is the best option for the HTC EVO also for other HTC phones. Here are things you will need.

  • A Windows, Mac or Linux machine
  • unrEVOked tool: Once you get the site, pick the HTC EVO. Then you want to make sure you pick the “unrevoked3″ tool and not the “unrevoked forever”. Then pick the operating system you are running.
  • HBOOT Drivers:

Step 1: Follow the HBOOT driver install.
Step 2: Turn the phone off again. I wasn’t exactly sure so I just removed the battery to be sure, then turn the phone back on.
Step 3: Make sure HTC Sync isn’t installed on your machine.
Step 4: Turn on USB Debugging by going to Settings > Applications > Development and check the USB Debugging box.
Step 5: Start up the unrEVOked tool and plug in your phone.
Step 6: Just let unrEVOked tool do everything and make sure you wait till it says “Done”. Your phone will go through a couple restarts.
Boom! You know have a rooted EVO. In case you were wondering I use Android Wifi Tether in order to turn my phone into a hotspot. This works as of 4/7/2011, let some comments.


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